Performance management

Performance management is an everyday process where regular coaching discussions provide ongoing opportunities for employee growth and development. We strongly encourage managers and employees to remember that the performance management cycle is a yearlong opportunity to give and receive performance feedback.

Training for managers on performance management

Four different performance management training curricula are available in TrojanLearn, providing USC managers with skills in goal setting, development planning, coaching and feedback, and performance evaluations.

  1. Log in to TrojanLearn ( using your USC NetID
  2. Click on the Performance Management link under Learning Pathways and register for training

Also see our handy tip sheet for completing your staff’s performance evaluations.

Additional help for performance management is available on the Workday Help site.

Completing an annual evaluation

All managers are required to complete their employee’s evaluations; exceptions should be rare and must be approved by the Associate Senior Vice President, Human Resources. Both the manager and the employee must provide ratings and/or comments on specific competencies in the annual evaluation. The manager’s ratings and/or comments should reflect observations of the employee’s relative ability to meet established performance standards and business objectives during the immediate prior review period (usually a year), include specific examples to substantiate those observations, and provide suggestions for action that could be taken to improve relative performance.

During the evaluation process, the manager and/or employee may, but are not required to, establish professional development goals for performance improvement in the current role or to lay the foundation for future promotional opportunities.

Review job descriptions regularly

A quick note – since performance management is tied to the job description, you should schedule time to regularly review each of your employees’ job descriptions. Sometimes as a team shifts and grows, job duties no longer match the official job description; it’s crucial that these be kept current and aligned with the actual job duties. Consult your HR Partner for help.