Employee recognition

Research shows that good pay and benefits are only part of what inspires employees to give their very best. Recognition and appreciation play an important role as well. University-wide, USC has a number of employee recognition programs. Use these to recognize the accomplishments of your staff when appropriate. A few such programs:

Sometimes the most meaningful recognition opportunities come on a small scale, within departments and units. Here are some suggestions for recognizing both your team, and individuals on your team:

Team recognition

  • Arrange for a healthy breakfast or afternoon snacks to say thanks – we appreciate you.
  • Hold a special meeting or awards ceremony to celebrate those people in your group with service award anniversaries.
  • Take your team out to lunch and tell them why they are appreciated.
  • Organize a social outing after work hours, such as a USC basketball game or perhaps a play or concert on campus.
  • Make arrangements to view one of the free films shown on campus regularly.
  • Pick a theme for each month and do an activity with your staff that relates to it. For example, October is National Cookie Month, so deliver cookies and milk to your staff.
  • Institute a casual dress Friday monthly or weekly.

Individual recognition

  • Take one staff member to lunch each month throughout the year and talk about their goals.
  • Send an e-card or hand-written card with a special message of appreciation.
  • Ask your staff member what motivates them and then customize your recognition to match.
  • Keep thank you and birthday cards handy to give out to staff members when appropriate.