Checking references

The university requires reference checking for most hires. Talk to your HR Partner about this process. The best practice involves reference checking your final candidates, so you can use the reference information, along with interviews and other assessments, to help you make your final selection. You may wish to complete these references prior to final screening interviews, as well.

At this time, you can use the Workday Recruiting Reference Check Stage process for references, along with the associated questionnaire, which has been approved by USC Talent Acquisition.

When a candidate is moved to the Workday Reference stage, they are asked to provide references. A recruiter then must call the references and complete the questionnaire which covers three areas (four if for a management position). Based on reference feedback, the recruiter will complete these four sections on a 1-7 scale (1-never and 7-always):

  • The candidate consistently met or exceeded expectations
  • The candidate demonstrated dependability (e.g., reports consistently and on time for work appointments, meetings, duties, and deadlines)
  • The candidate was professional (e.g., responds to requests in a helpful and constructive manner)
  • The candidate effectively measured performance and held team members accountable for meeting goals (only for management positions)

The questionnaire includes space to complete four references, but not all are required. The reference name and association should be added in the comment section. If recruiters do not complete the feedback questionnaire scale, they must attach documentation, at the bottom of the questionnaire, outlining reference feedback that confirms the checks were completed.