Checking references

The university requires reference checking for most hires. Talk to your HR Partner about this process. The best practice involves reference checking your final candidates, so you can use the reference information, along with interviews and other assessments, to help you make your final selection. You may wish to complete these references prior to final screening interviews, as well.  For reference checking faculty positions, please contact your Faculty Affairs representation for assistance.

Using the External Reference Check (Outmatch) via Workday

To ensure that USC hiring managers of non-faculty positions obtain quality, pre-employment data about candidates, Talent Acquisition is utilizing an External Reference Check system (Outmatch), an online, automated reference check solution.  The process is commenced via Workday by selecting “Electronic Reference Check – Outmatch) in the assessment section of Workday recruiting. The External Reference Check (Outmatch) will enable hiring managers to:

  • Align the candidate’s experience and abilities against job requirements using a job-based profile employment survey
  • Enable candidate data gathering by obtaining a variety of perspectives
  • Integrate this process within Workday, saving the documentation in candidate records
  • Save countless hours in the selection process by no longer conducting manual reference checking.
  • Obtain a reference check results that provided detailed feedback in an easy-to-understand report

Reports are generated after the system receives a minimum of three references (with one being from a current or former manager) and is finalized within the External Reference Check (Outmatch).  Your recruiter or HR Partner will have access to these reports and provide copies upon your request.

Managers can also opt to not use the External Reference Check (Outmatch) and conduct a manual reference using similar questioning.  Your recruiter can facilitate this approach.

Training and Resources

For assistance or further information, contact your assigned recruiter or  HR Partner.

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