Death of an employee

Contact your HR Partner for assistance in the event of the death of an employee, or if an employee dies at work. The university maintains protocols for how to handle these situations, and your HR Partner will help guide you. The Center for Work and Family Life can also provide information and guidance – call them at (213) 821-0800.

You may face other situations from time to time that require sensitivity and good judgment:

If an employee’s dependent dies

  • Encourage employee to take Bereavement Leave as appropriate.
  • Notify the HR Service Center and provide the employee’s name and employee ID number (the Service Center will be able to work with Benefits to ascertain if the employee has applicable life insurance coverage, and to help employee make benefit adjustments as needed).
  • Remind the employee of the availability of free counseling (for both the employee and his/her family members) through the Center for Work and Family Life.

If you are notified of a retiree’s death


Manager’s role – death of a co-worker