Layoffs or terminations for cause

On occasion, reorganizations or economic factors require a reduction in a department’s workforce. Consult with your HR Partner and see the Layoffs and Reorganizations policy. No layoffs or reorganizations may be undertaken without the involvement of central HR Administration. You should also review our guide to communicating a layoff.

Termination, on the other hand, is the ultimate disciplinary action, normally used when other methods employed to correct performance or behavioral problems have not been successful. Termination is usually preceded by coaching, performance appraisal, and progressive disciplinary action (see discipline issues). Under circumstances of extreme misconduct, dismissal without prior warning may be warranted. However, no termination may be undertaken without the involvement of central HR Administration. As with layoffs and reorgs, terminations must involve you as manager, your HR Partner, your own manager, and HR Administration. Before dismissing an employee, review the above mentioned section on discipline, and consider if any less drastic alternatives are appropriate. Be sure that you have made sufficient effort (documented) to help the employee correct the problem. However, if you find that termination is appropriate, do not delay unnecessarily, as this may hurt the morale and productivity of other employees.

  • Discuss timing of layoff or termination notification with your HR Partner.
  • Once employee is notified, work with your HR Partner to ensure s/he understands all benefit options going forward.
  • Employees who are laid off can also be referred to the Center for Work and Family Life for help in dealing with a job transition.
  • Remember that USC policy does not allow you to give employee a recommendation letter.
  • On or before the last day, collect all USC property (keys, equipment, credit cards, access cards, etc.) – it is your responsibility to ensure all such items are retrieved.
  • Make sure the employee receives his/her final pay on or before the last day to avoid a claim with the labor commissioner.