Resignation or retirement

When an employee is leaving:

  • Discuss the reasons for the departure. If you see alternatives, discuss those with the employee (for instance, perhaps part of the job could be done from home).
  • Discuss any current or ongoing projects in which the employee is involved so you can determine appropriate transition strategies to ensure business processes are not impacted.
  • Refer employee to the HR Service Center to ensure s/he understands all benefit options going forward, or retirement information if appropriate (in which case you should also ensure employee is aware of USC Senior Care).
  • Discuss departure with your HR Partner to go over both separation procedures and preliminary discussion of employee replacement, if applicable.
  • Your HR Partner may wish to schedule an exit interview (see below).
  • Remember that USC policy does not allow you to give employee a recommendation letter.
  • On or before the last day, collect all USC property (keys, equipment, credit cards, access cards, etc.) – it is your responsibility to ensure all such items are retrieved.
  • Make sure the employee receives his/her final pay on or before the last day of employment to avoid any claim with the labor commissioner.
  • If appropriate, plan a departmental goodbye event or activity. Encourage the employee to allow this even if s/he is a little resistant – it’s important to give his/her colleagues a chance to say goodbye. However, do not force a party on an employee who adamantly does not want one.
  • If for any reason you believe that the employee’s last day should be moved earlier, consult your HR Partner.
  • Review the vacant position, its current duties, and its role in your business process to determine how best to approach hiring a replacement, if appropriate. You may need to use a different job description for the replacement employee.