Virtual Zoom Meeting Fun Kit

Your meetings. Are they getting a little boring? Your employees experiencing some Zoom fatigue? Here’s help! Grab one or more of these ideas for your next meeting – just for fun. And be sure to let your staff know well ahead of time, so they can be prepared to participate!


When it’s time for some friendly competition:

USC Zoom Meeting Bingo

Presented by USC Employee Communications and Engagement, here are 30 Zoom meeting bingo cards. Players mark off a space when they see or hear something on the cards. Download the set of 30 bingo cards HERE. NOTE: It may tell you the file is too large to preview – just go ahead and click the blue download button. You can also download a blank version, in case you want to make your own version – or you can even make more variations of our version (mathematically, 30 is just a tiny fraction of how many possibilities exist with just these 16 choices, after all).

Never have I ever

Come up with 10 prompts starting with “Never have I ever” – and those who actually HAVE done the thing in question raise one finger, until someone hits 10 (example: “Never have I ever been to Idaho” – if you have been to Idaho, you raise a finger).

That’s right Bob

The classic build-a-story game. One person starts with something like – “A cat was in a tree.” The second person has to add to that – “That’s right Bob. A cat was in a tree, and the fire department was on its way to help.” Some people play this cumulatively, where each person has to recite the whole thing, but an easier way to play is to just repeat the person before you – so in this example, the third person would say, “That’s right Bob. The fire department was on its way to help, and traffic was very heavy.” Get it? You’re out if you mess up, or forget to start with “That’s right Bob”… and bonus points for funny.


When you need just a little something extra:

Next-level names

Everyone renames themselves, just for this call, with an alliterative moniker (Dazzling Dana, Just Jim, Hungry Hannah)

Show and tell

It’s not just for kindergarten. Show and tell your colleagues about your… spouse, kid, pet, plant, coffee mug – you get the idea.

Baby photo share

Dust off that picture of you from back when you were just adorable, and get ready to hold it up to your webcam to share.

Not-so-real MTV cribs

Unplug your laptop and take it for a tour of your space.

What’s in my fridge today?

Self-explanatory. (No trades allowed!)

Real-time polls

Use Google forms for anonymous, or out loud for non-anonymous. Some question ideas: Who’s been dressed for work all day, vs. who just changed out of their jammies for this meeting? Do you need tunes on repeat, or do you prefer to work in silence?

Dress-up days

The possibilities are endless. For your next meeting, consider imposing one (or more) of these dress codes:

  • Dress like a Trojan
  • Crazy hat or headwear
  • Neckwear (ties, scarves, airplane pillows)
  • Wacky glasses
  • Tribute to your hometown
  • Comics and superheroes
  • Favorite decade
  • Fancy Nancy
  • Mismatch day
  • All one color day
  • Rainbow day
  • Halloween costume preview
  • My kid picked my outfit
  • My kid did my hair
  • Sport your sports team
  • Mustache Monday
  • Wildlife print Wednesday
  • Flannel Friday
  • or the ultimate casual Friday – PJs required

Send your fun meeting ideas to, and we’ll add them to this page!