Safety and security

Most other concerns pale in comparison to the importance of keeping all our employees safe and secure, which is why USC offers quite a few resources to help. As a manager, you should carefully review USC’s Violence-Free Campus policy. In addition, make sure your employees are all aware of:

Campus emergency procedures – at both UPC and HSC, employees are urged to call DPS in an emergency before or instead of calling 911

TrojansAlert – encourage your employees to sign up for USC’s emergency notification service

Information security – encourage employees to review this comprehensive security information from USC ITS

Keeping your work unit area secure – not just electronics, but all work-related equipment and materials, is your responsibility as manager. Make sure that your work or office area is securely locked when appropriate, and that individual employees can lock their areas as appropriate, too.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that your employee’s workspace is comfortable for him/her. If your employee is having trouble, encourage him/her to take advantage of the free ergonomic evaluations offered by USC’s Environmental Health and Safety department.

Be sure your employees have familiarized themselves with your own department/unit/school emergency response/disaster recovery/business continuity plan. They can read about emergency plans for specific buildings at the Fire Safety website.

You might also alert employees that they can take an active role in helping keep our campuses safe by becoming a campus first responder with the Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT).