Resources for managers

8747540837_d9cefb92a7_k-300x194Abundant help for managers is available in TrojanLearn on a wide variety of topics. Coursework specifically targeted to elevating your management skills is also available:

  • Management Essentials is our premier management course, strongly recommended for all who supervise
  • Courses, training, books and videos on countless management-related topics, including leadership development, are available in TrojanLearn
  • Leading High Performance Teams
  • USC Training & Development offers workshops and coaching upon request
  • Gartner/CEB provide resources for USC managers:
    • Manager Diagnostic: How Well Do You Engage Your Employees?
      Evaluate how successful you are as a manager in engaging your employees with this diagnostic tool. Managers are asked ten questions on how to build employee engagement. After submitting your responses, you’re provided with an explanation of the best answer to each question, along with resources to help improve your approach to engaging employees.
    • Manager Retention Awareness-Building Checklist
      Novartis created a checklist to help managers evaluate and minimize retention risks within their team. They found that managers tend to know surprisingly little about their direct reports beyond their performance levels, making it difficult to anticipate and prevent attrition. This tool provides a comprehensive list of factors to help managers assess retention risks, a mechanism to track interactions and likelihood of attraction for each direct report, and a set of actions managers should take to address cases of high retention risk.
  • USC Marshall School of Business offers 2- to 7-day non-degree courses at a discount to employees to equip individuals with tools and best practices for a business environment. Explore upcoming Executive Education Programs on the Marshall site.