Announcing the hire

Once your hire is finalized, it’s time to announce it! First, call your new hire to ensure s/he is comfortable with you making the announcement – in some cases, candidates need time to notify their current employer (or current manager, if they’re already at USC). Then call or send a personal email to all candidates who were interviewed, out of respect for their time and effort. Non-selected finalists should always be notified before any public announcement. Then ask your HR Partner to make sure the applicant tracking system sends a notification email to all applicants alerting them that the job is filled.

Once it is appropriate, do prepare and distribute an announcement of the selection for your department and other units as appropriate. Let your department know when the new hire will start, and what his/her primary responsibilities will entail. If you have a “buddy system” for new employees, let the department know who will act as buddy for the new employee (see the Onboarding page for more information). Setting the tone for the arrival of the new team member is a good first step in successful onboarding and acclimation.