Recruiting considerations

The goal of any job posting is to find the very best candidate for the position, which requires you to search widely and from diverse sources. Strategic recruiting can also help attract diverse candidates who can bring new and exciting perspectives to the university. Your HR Partner is responsible for leading this process; work with him/her closely throughout the recruitment and hiring process, beginning with a discussion of your staffing need all the way through onboarding your new hire. The recruiting process is conducted in Workday (Workday Recruiting is USC’s job applicant tracking system).

Your HR Partner can also connect you with Talent Acquisition to discuss external advertising to attract a larger pool of qualified applicants. Keep in mind that in many cases the best candidate may be someone with USC experience – either an internal candidate or a former employee. Already possessing institutional knowledge about the university is a big plus. Keep in mind also that as a federal contractor, USC must also be able to demonstrate adherence to equal opportunity and affirmative action principles for each open and filled position. This includes searching widely, keeping careful records as to which candidates were considered (and which ones interviewed), ensuring that only those who meet all minimum qualifications are considered, and practicing proactive non-discrimination. Consult with your HR Partner.

USC proudly supports the hiring of veterans. Veterans may be hired preferentially, meaning that if you are deciding between two or more otherwise qualified candidates and one is a veteran, you should select the veteran. Protected Veterans – those who are disabled, those who served at specific times or those who served in specific capacities – are entitled to preference. The university offers a veteran hiring incentive program to support these initiatives. More information about who qualifies as a Protected Veteran may be found HERE. Consult with your HR Partner for details.

If you find you have candidates who are not already authorized to work in the U.S., consult with your HR Partner, who can coordinate with Faculty/Staff Visa Services.

Thoughtful recruiting requires a significant amount of work, but help is available – contact Talent Acquisition via the HR Service Center at

Community, diversity, veteran and disabled hiring – as a federal contractor, USC is required to demonstrate adherence to equal opportunity and affirmative action principles, and the university is also committed to hiring within our communities. Talent Acquisition can help you find candidates from these important sources. Questions about affirmative action and equal employment opportunity should be directed to the Office of Equity and Diversity.