Reviewing applications

Applicants may only be considered if they meet minimum qualifications as prescribed in the job description, but you must consider all similarly-qualified applicants. Most school/division HR support services review and screen applicants in order to present only the qualified applicants to the hiring manager. Talk to your HR Partner about what services they provide.

When reviewing application materials, consider the following questions as applicable:

  • Do the experience/education/skills listed align with the requirements of the position?
  • Does the applicant show career progression and development?
  • Are there large, unexplained gaps in work chronology?

Make a list of applicants who most closely match your needs so that you can begin interviewing. Applicants who advance to the interview process become formal candidates for the position. At this point, all candidates should be given a copy of the job description and job information questionnaire, prior to the interview process.

If you’re considering international candidates, be sure to read USC’s Hiring Foreign Nationals policy.