Making the offer

You’ve interviewed and reference-checked your top candidates; now it’s time to choose the best candidate for the job. Before you extend that job offer, however, be sure you have discussed the position’s starting salary with your manager, HR Partner and SBO.

You should extend the offer verbally to ascertain if the candidate is likely to proceed, provided you clearly communicate that any offer is contingent on required background screening and any other required verifications. If your candidate is no longer interested, you can move on to the next candidate on your list. If the candidate is interested, however, you must now put the offer in writing.

The written offer will be generated in Workday, and will provide details of the position, pay information, start date, needed background screening and any other verifications needed, as well as other steps necessary for the candidate to officially accept the position, including signing and returning a copy of the offer letter to indicate acceptance of all employment terms and conditions. These are standardized templates, so you may wish to also send a more personal welcome letter upon receipt of the accepted offer.

Remember that USC’s employment terms and conditions state that failure to successfully complete all background requirements will result in termination during the employee’s evaluation period (usually the first 90 days). Keep in mind that the university also reserves the right to conduct screenings at any time, and employees may be disciplined or terminated if evidence is ever found that application information was falsified. Note that some positions require background screenings to be completed prior to making the offer and/or before the start date – this would include positions, for instance,  involving work with minors, security work, cash handling, and positions where contracts mandate background screening prior to hire. Departments are responsible for ensuring that the screening for these types of positions is handled properly, but otherwise departments have discretion on scheduling of the offer and hire date. This flexibility is intended to speed the process of getting staff on board where appropriate.

NOTE: The start date should be aligned with the university’s onboarding orientation schedules – see below:

If you have any questions about required screenings, contact the HR Service Center.