Posting your job

The university is a federal contractor and as such we are required to follow strict competitive hire and job posting requirements. Your HR Partner can handle the actual posting in the university applicant tracking system (Workday), where all USC job seekers apply.

All staff positions, except those identified by Human Resources Administration as exempt from posting requirements and those positions appointed by the Board of Trustees, must be posted internally (in Workday) for a minimum of five business days to comply with legal requirements which are automatically met by posting in Workday. Jobs posted externally must be posted for a minimum of five business days in the online “Careers at USC” listing on the USC website (, which serves as the official job posting document for the university. Both five-day posting periods may run concurrently.

No offer may be extended until the five-day posting period has elapsed.

If you have more questions during this part of the process, consult with your HR Partner or contact the HR Service Center.