Conducting the interview

You must remember that the statutes governing fair employment cover the interview process as well as candidate selection. To conduct a fair and effective screening process:

  • Arrange for interviews to be conducted in a quiet, private, and easily accessible place, free of distractions and interruptions. Schedule plenty of time for the interview process.
  • Provide candidate with clear and specific directions to the interview location, and parking information or public transit options.
  • Review the candidate’s application materials shortly before the interview to refresh your memory.
  • Put the candidate at ease; refer to something you noted on his/her application to show you have studied it carefully.
  • Conduct structured interviews in which each candidate is asked your predetermined standardized questions so that they are all measured against the same criteria.
  • Include different types of questions in your interview – including open-ended, accomplishment, and situational.
  • Treat all candidates in a fair, equal and consistent manner; eliminate cultural or other forms of bias in the interview process.
  • Take notes. This will help you ask appropriate follow-up questions, and later recall specifics about each candidate. These notes will eventually be turned over to your HR Partner and included in the permanent Workday record. Do not make inappropriate comments in your notes (such as referring to a candidate’s physical appearance, gender, or race).
  • Listen carefully and let the candidate talk. Don’t anticipate the candidate’s answers. Reserve judgment until the candidate has finished.
  • Be transparent and honest about the position requirements, your management style, and the culture of the school/department. Be sure the candidate understands performance expectations.
  • Stay on point. If the interview gets off track, ask a specific question that will bring it back.
  • Keep track of time.
  • Finish by asking the candidate if s/he has anything more to tell you about his candidacy, or any questions about the job.
  • Explain the next step in the process, including whether there will be further interviews, when you expect to make your decision, and how the candidate will be informed of the outcome.
  • Thank the candidate for his/her interest in working for USC.
  • Complete your notes immediately following each interview. Decide whether each candidate meets, exceeds, or does not meet the requirements.
  • Keep your top candidates interested by completing the interview process quickly.