Work schedules

Your HR Partner can help you determine the schedules generally used for your department, as well as suitable options. Most employees will work a fairly standardized 7.5 or 8 hour business day schedule. For example, many employees work a schedule similar to 8:30am-5pm with an hour for lunch (7.5 hour day), 8am-4pm with a half hour lunch (7.5 hour day), or 6am-2:30pm with a half hour lunch (8 hour day). As manager of your unit you are authorized to alter schedules, working with your manager, HR Partner and employees, to meet both the business requirements of your unit and your employee’s individual needs. USC supports flexible work schedules, telecommuting, and other employee-friendly options – but you must ensure that your unit’s business needs are being met in an optimal fashion, and that your team continues to perform at top levels.

Although a manager should seriously consider accommodating a reasonable request for a schedule change, s/he must also consider how the change will affect co-workers, and may deny the request in order to meet business needs. In certain circumstances, accommodating a change in schedule may be required; managers should consult university policies regarding required accommodations (i.e., lactation accommodation, ADA covered disabilities).

Alternative work schedules are specialized schedules that apply to some non-exempt employees; these require a formal approval process and are governed by statute or union contract. Consult with your HR Partner when making temporary or permanent schedule changes. Also see Wage and Hour policy.