Unit expenditures

As manager, you may or may not be authorized to make purchases on behalf of your unit. If you are authorized, you must carefully monitor department spending and approve all expenditures.

Certain designated employees do have the authority to purchase university goods and services directly from suppliers via university-issued procurement cards (P-cards) and requisitions at a value below $5000 when no contract is required or an appropriately executed contract already exists. Authority to purchase at a value of $5000 or above is delegated exclusively to USC Business Services.

Procurement agreements or contracts (written contracts that bind the university and a supplier to a purchasing obligation) can only be signed by Business Services and select designees authorized by the university President. See the Purchasing and Signature Authority policy. No supplier work may begin before a contract is executed by Business Services or a purchase order is issued via the university’s procurement system, the USC eMarket.

Consult with your manager or SBO to understand if you will be designated purchasing authority or expenditure approval for your unit. These duties imply fiscal responsibility to ensure department spending is appropriate and allowable. Upon request, Business Services will issue procurement and travel cards for university-related business expenses.

Please familiarize yourself with the Business Services website to ensure that you are conversant with all applicable procedures related to USC expenditures. Be aware that your school or department may employ more stringent requirements; consult with your SBO.