Providing a welcoming, supportive and engaging work environment for each new or transferring employee sets the stage for success throughout the employee’s career at USC, and helps us build an engaged and high-performing workforce. New employees look to you, their manager, to help them quickly learn their new role and begin contributing. Onboarding is the process that helps them get there.

Your role is crucial! Research tells us that the relationship between a new employee and his/her manager is a determining factor in whether the employee chooses to stay with an organization. To help your new employee feel as prepared, informed and job-ready as possible – use the information below. If you have further questions about onboarding, contact the HR Service Center.

If you’ve hired a student worker, be sure to direct them to the student employee information page on the Employee Gateway.

Onboarding checklists

Use this convenient, fillable onboarding checklist provided by Gartner. You may also wish to review the detailed information linked below for each phase of your new employee’s onboarding experience:

Pre-boarding (preparing for the new employee’s arrival)

Unit level onboarding (day one through day 90)

Integration (day 90 and beyond)

Onboarding in Workday

Workday Onboarding lets you create welcome messages for your new hires, and build lists of people for them to meet as well as lists of helpful contacts for them. It guides workers through their onboarding tasks, including crucial compliance-related steps, and gives HR staff a convenient and effective way to monitor those tasks with a visual progress indicator. Best, as a manager you can start the onboarding process up to six months before your employee’s first day. No need to delay! See more information on how to use this tool on the Workday Help site.

Become an onboarding expert!

TrojanLearn offers coursework, books, and other resources to help you successfully onboard your new hires:

  • Workforce Planning and Employment: Orientation, Onboarding and Exit Strategies
  • Strategies for Successful Employee Onboarding: An Introduction
  • The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels (Books 24×7)