Wellness and work/life balance

The university provides a wealth of resources to help employees get and stay healthy. A few notes for managers to keep in mind:

Center for Work and Family Life counseling

USC’s Center for Work and Family Life provides a wide variety of wellness services for employees and their families, completely free of charge. These offerings include free and confidential counseling. Employees are sometimes hesitant to take advantage of this service – as a manager, it’s important that you clearly explain to your employees that this service is completely confidential, and that nothing will be shared with you, or anyone else.

You may wish to request that a Center staff member come to one of your staff meetings to share more information on the counseling, coaching, training and consultation services available.

Time off

In the increasingly fast-paced and deadline-driven environment in which university employees operate, the demands on us can be taxing. Rest and relaxation are crucial for your employees (and you) to ensure optimum health. The university offers generous time off policies and leaves – encourage your employees to use them appropriately, but be sure you consider the needs of the overall unit – and your other employees – when approving time off requests.

Health insurance choices

If employees are interested in the convenience of being able to schedule doctor and dentist visits on campus, then when choosing their healthcare insurance they might want to consider the USC Network Medical Plan, which covers USC doctors who practice at the Engemann Student Health Center building, as well as at HSC (and other locations). When choosing their dental insurance, they might consider the Delta Dental plan, which covers the faculty practice dentists who also practice at Engemann.

Injury and illness prevention

Prevention of injury, and an environment that contributes to prevention of illness, are obviously important goals for every USC manager, although procedures will vary widely based on workplace. But every manager should carefully review the Injury and Illness Prevention policy.

Workers’ compensation

You must be familiar with USC’s workers’ compensation program – you have crucial responsibilities should one of your employees be injured on the job, so carefully review our workers’ compensation page. You must ensure that the Manager’s Incident Report is properly completed as part of the initial process.


You play a crucial role when employees go on disability leave. It is your responsibility to navigate your employee through the disability process. This Employee Leave and Disability Checklist will serve as a guide. Our disability page includes much more information. Note that managers and HR personnel should not contact USC’s third party administrator (Broadspire) directly regarding an employee out on disability, for protection of the employee’s confidentiality and HIPAA regulations. Contact the HR Service Center if you need help.

Campus fitness centers

Be sure your employees know they can work out right on campus (UPC, HSC or University Village) at the convenient fitness centers run by USC RecSports. Encourage them to visit the RecSports website to explore wellness offerings.